So not to bore you with technical terms, we have organized FAQ's in easy to understand language:

Q: What products & services does Easy Tek provide?

A: Easy Tek provides services in the tech industry such as:
Websites for businesses. We build affordable, easy to manage, state of the art websites on platforms which compliment your business’s needs. Due to the increasing necessity for web searches on mobile devices, all of our websites are built utilizing technology which allows websites to be viewed in a mobile friendly fashion.

Mobile website conversions. Our software allows us to convert and create a mobile friendly version of your existing website causing no down time and allowing your website to comply with Google’s new requirements of having a mobile friendly version of all websites.

Mobile apps for businesses, All of our mobile apps are custom designed and built specific to your business’s needs. We utilize state of the art software and apply functions which compliment your customers’ needs.

Q: Why chose Easy Tek?

A: That’s easy. Easy Tek offers the most affordable, easy to manage software for your website available on the market today. The staff at Easy Tek puts 110% effort into all of our products. Our goal is to help our clients achieve their online marketing goals as quickly and affordably as possible.
Additionally, we have developer licensing agreements with some of the top platform providers which we utilize to design beautiful websites which you can easily manage on your own eliminating the need for costly developers. If you already have a website which is managed by an expensive developer, we can rebuild it on one of our platforms and offer you a client log-in where you can easily make changes on your own, it’s as simple as modifying a Facebook page..
We also have software which allows us to build mobile friendly websites. The mobile sites are typically built using information from your existing website.

Q: Is there a difference between website hosting and domain hosting?

A: Yes. Website hosting providers are services that provide an online home for your website and they provide the tools necessary for everyone to be able to see your website online. 

Domain name hosting providers allow your website name (domain name or URL) such as www.anycompany.com to connect with the website hosting provider. Then, when a user types in www.anycompany.com they are presented with the visual portion of your website. 
In some cases the website host and the domain name host are be the same however, they can also be different. There are typically separate costs for website hosting and domain name hosting.

Q: Where are Easy Tek’s websites hosted?

A: It depends on which platform your site is built on. These days, there are many different hosting options available. In all cases we utilize professional, well known hosting services such as:

GoDaddy, Hostgater, Amazon Web Services, Wordpress, etc… 

Q: Where are Easy Tek’s domains hosted?

A: Similar to website hosting, there are many different options. If a client does not already have a domain name hosting provider, we always recommend the most reasonable, reputable and professional, well established companies such as:

Godaddy, Hostgator, Inmotion Hosting, etc…

If you have additional questions we were not able to answer, click on contact us below and drop us a line.
 We are always happy to answer all of your questions.
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